Road To Jannah

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Road To Jannah

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Rabbi shrahli sadri. wayassirli amri. wahlul uqdatam millisani. yafqahu qawli. [surah Taha]. Sometimes love can prove poisonous when you nurture the seeds of your desires rather than nurturing the seeds of your emaan. Sometimes you learn after falling and that's when reality hits you. Sometimes to overcome your desires, you need to go through it, to know why Allah forbade you to go after your desires. Sometimes infatuation is not enough for a marriage to function smoothly but rather it is the understanding between the two. Sometimes Allah makes you fall before He makes you fly just like a striving bird who flutters through the wind and when it is about to fall, it strives even harder and it takes all the strength in the bird to flourish through the heaven while glorifying Allah. Sometimes love elevates your emaan but at times it can be more dangerous than slow poison which can slowly pierce through your strong walls of emaan, steadily making them fragile enough to crumble, which took several years to build. When we have to choose between the two roads, the road which leads to jannah isn't easy. While walking, you will realize that the path is full of obstacles which would stop you midway, which would make you fall hard but, isn't the true believer the one who after falling, picks up every shattered pieces of his heart for the Lord of the A'lameen as the heart belongs only and only to him. P. S. This book is the sequel of door to jannah. So if you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for?

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