Irresistibly In Love

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Irresistibly In Love

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He was the Man who preferred darkness. She was the Woman who preferred brightness. He preferred Loneliness. She preferred Togetherness. He had suffered alot in his life. She did not knew what Trouble meant. He was Death. She was Life. Both were very different in every aspect but life has its own way of bringing them together. Life is not always sweets and candy. Along with the sweetness it also get bitterness that either changes you in a more positive way or in a negative way. It either makes you see things optimistically or pessimistically that depends on you. What happens when people of two different world collide. Will it lead to something beautiful or will it destroy one's life? Join the couple to witness the fights, yellings, tears, patience, understanding and most importantly Love! Cover by @Pearls_Queen

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