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In werewolf world, people say that finding your mate is the best thing in the world. Werewolfs find their mate after they shift at the age of 16. I shifted early, at 15. I don't really know much about how having a soulmate feels because I have not found mine yet. People will not believe this but I do hope to find him soon though..... It has been years since the tragic incident which led me to take on the resposibility of my pack earlier than expected. At the mere age of 15, I became the Alpha of my pack. Yes i am a Female Alpha, they are not rare in todays world but still they are less. Today i am considered as anti-social, downright rude, angry and a introvert person. And now at the age of 20, 4 years late to be honest, i have found my mate when i least expected to find him and at the last place i expected him to be . I am Alpha SAMAIRA. Join me on my journey of mateship, how having a mate feels like.