Billionaire's Love

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Billionaire's Love

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"Leave me" "What if I don't want to? U are totally crazy sir it's wrong why don't you understand I am not made for u I am just an employee in your company your father trusted me I can't betray him." I am your P.A nothing more than that! I love you and will make u mine soon. "Remember my words love" "Mine " Soon to be "Mrs. Raheel Ibrahim" U are an obsessed freak Mr. Raheel Ibrahim you will never be my soulmate. "Time will tell and I will make sure that it does" "U are just hurt from my rejection nothing more than that" And then left the cabin Only if u knew how much I love u... Go give it a try! What happens next? Read it to find it out! Translation ✅ Translation in each chapter ✅ Read & enjoy ❤

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